Saturday, 13 September 2014

PHP Training in Ludhiana

Are you looking for PHP Training in Ludhiana?

PHP is a very commonly used language, so if you want to make money with you have to be very very good at it, and know several other things beside it. That said, I think that good programmers are very rare, so if you are one, you will definitely be far from the mass of standard php programmers.

So my advice, as a successful senior PHP developer would be:

  • work a lot, and even more than that
  • be part of open source projects in order to showcase your knowledge and your vision. 
  • And also to train yourself, to open your mind to original techniques..
  • never take part to a commercial project which turns to be a failure at the end. Even if it is due to someone else, to the client or to the bad luck. 
  • Do not let a project sink when you are part of it, whatever it takes.

And my opinion is that a good programmer is able to :

  • plan his work in advance
  • specify a development before hand\
  • admit that he does not know something and try to learn it

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